St Mary's welcomes all to our humble country church with open arms and strong faith. Whether you are camping , hunting or out for a Sunday drive please stop by for Sunday mass.




Regular Mass Schedule

 St Mary's

   Sunday 11:15 AM

 St Joseph's Gowanda

  Saturday 4:30 PM

  Sunday  8:00 AM &




Check out this informative website.


S Joe's Gowanda Parish



Save the Date!  Next community meal at St Joseph's is January 19, 2019. On the menu is a variety of soup,crackers, hard rolls and various desserts.  All are welcome.  Hope to see you there. 


Classes are beginning Tuesday January 15, 2019 at 6 pm at St Josephs school building. Please call St Joseph's Rectory at  716 532-5100 for information. 






Whats New


Remember the second Sunday of the month is the Youth Mass.  Please bring your children, grandchildren or other youths to participate in sharing our faith.

Check out whats happening in St Mary's weekly Bulletin.   January 13, 2019

Click here for front cover and page one:/Portals/1/January%2013%2C%202019%20Part%201.pdf

Click here for page 2 and the back cover:/Portals/1/January%2013%2C%202019%20Part%202.pdf










Upcoming Events