St Mary's welcomes all to our humble country church with open arms and strong faith. Whether you are camping , hunting or out for a Sunday drive please stop by for Sunday mass.



Regular Mass Schedule

 St Mary's

   Sunday 11:15 AM

 St Joseph's Gowanda

   Saturday 4:30 PM

   Sunday  8:00 AM and 9:30 AM                                       


The program is for adults and children and will be starting this Fall.  Please call St Joseph's Rectory at  716 532-5100 for information and to register.  All are welcome.




Check out this informative website.


S Joe's Gowanda Parish


Save the Date!!!!Next community meal at St Joseph's is Saturday July 21, 2018.  Dinner is served from 4-6 pm.  All are welcome.  Bring a friend, your family, a neighbor...  


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Whats New

A special thanks for the generosity shown by the community by the amount of gift baskets donated, people present and the monetary donations to the Ambulance Fund.  Fundraising is still continuing and checks can be made payable to \father Joe's Walk c/o Community Bank.

Check out what's happening at St Mary's.  Click the link below for the most recent Bulletin:                                                   

July 15, 2018 Bulletin Part 1.pdf

July 15, 2018 Bulletin Part 2.pdf



Save the Dates: Monday October 1st, 15th; 29th.

Join Sister Liz and your parish family for a discussion about our Christian path, God's  grace and discerning God's will.  All are welcome to come and participate.  We will be meeting at St Mary's Parish Hall from 6:15-7:30.


Click on the link below for Bishop Malone's Consider this... 



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Upcoming Events